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Judy Williams

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Bill Mountain and his carpet cleaning work are an exemplary example of an incredible work ethic and abundant knowledge pertaining to carpet fibers, and needed cleaning solutions. His brain has a chemist’s knowledge of information that he shares and then applies. We have been happily using his services for over ten years. He even extracted red candle wax! I happily write this recommendation for him. And he travels all over to get to me in the Stroudsburg area.

Lorraine Sorenson

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Judy has given a “Thorough” explanation of why I would never hesitate to recommend Bill Mountain’s Company. Bill has also been cleaning my carpets for over ten years. Never once was I disappointed in his work! I highly recommend Thorough Clean.

Scott F Rendall

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Incredible work, honest, and highest integrity. Wish I could give them 10 stars!

Roy N Jerusala Daniel

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This is the greatest carpet cleaner ever ! Really great business !

Tile & Grout Cleaning Scranton PA

Put an End to your Dirty Tile and Grout problems…..permanently

Your grout will look as good as it did when it was new. After it has been  cleaned, we can seal it to aid it keeping it clean or apply a stain sealer to recolor your grout for a more permanent solution.


Step 1

We visually inspect your tile to make sure there is no damaged grout areas. Then we test the grout to determine if you have any sealant on the grout.


Step 2

Apply a special emulsifying solution to the grout to loosen up the heavy soil imbedded in it.


Step 3

Work the solution into the grout with a special grout brush designed for this type of application.


Step 4

Rinse away the soil and residue with a special floor tool hooked up to a very powerful truckmounted steam cleaning machine.


Step 5

In order to protect your investment we can apply a seal or permantely re-color your grout lines.

Tile is a beautiful complement to the decor of a kitchen, bath or mudroom. Ceramic and porcelain tile are fired at such high temperatures and pressure that they’re easy to clean and don’t need sealing. But what about the grout between the tiles and other types of tile? Grout is notoriously porous as is stone like granite and marble. These elements of a tile floor, wall or counter tops must be cleaned regularly then sealed to prevent grime and staining. Very few things look as shabby as grout discolored by dirt, mold and mildew even if it’s in between beautifully decorative and perfectly clean tile.

Any customer who needs tile and grout cleaning should turn to our company, Bill Mountain’s Thorough Clean, for the best cleaning and sealing.

Even before the work begins, we’ll send one of our professionals to the customer’s
home to make sure that the tile and grout isn’t damaged and to see if there’s old sealant in the grout. Then, the professional will spread an emulsifier over the grout and work it in with a grout brush to loosen up the grime. After that, the dirt will be washed away with a steam cleaning machine very much like the ones used to deep clean carpeting. After that, our professional can reseal or recolor the grout. It’s that simple!

For free estimates or a consultation, call Bill Mountain’s Thorough Clean at 570-689-2770 or 1-888-925-3260. We’ll make your tile and grout look as good as the day it was installed!

Aside from the occasional sweep and mop, your floor tile and its colleague, grout, goes all but unnoticed. You walk on it, your kids play on it, your dogs sleep on it. Day after day your tile and grout go to work for you without so much as a thank you. Isn’t it time to give back to your floor after all it has given to you?

And you should not just settle for any old cleaning service or — especially — an over-the-counter cleaner. I mean, you need the best. That is why you should call Bill Mountain’s Thorough Clean. With twenty years of service in Northeast Pennsylvania, Bill Mountain has seen countless floors — and he has cleaned them all to 100% customer satisfaction.

When it comes to cleaning your tile and grout, we pull out all the stops. First, we thoroughly inspect your floor for damaged areas and test for grout sealant. Then, we apply a special cleaning product to loosen up even the most resilient dirt and then work it into a lather with a grout brush. Using our high-powered, truck-mounted machine we will then steam clean your floors to perfection. Finally, we will apply a coat of sealant to your grout. And if you want a different grout color, then we can do that as well.

Your floor does not hold anything back in its service to you. Now, say thank you by calling Bill Mountain’s Thorough Clean.

Everybody loves the elegance of tile floors inside their home, but not everybody understands the importance of cleaning and maintenance regarding tile and grout. If left neglected, tile and grout issues can prematurely age a floor and destroy it over time. Discolored grout can give off the impression of uncleanliness. If you want your tile floors to last a lifetime, you should entrust them to a professional cleaning and sealing service. Residents in and around Scranton, PA know to trust their floors to nobody besides Bill Mountain’s Thorough Cleaning. For over twenty years, Bill has been beautifying floors and offering a personal touch to his clients. If your floors could use a lift in the looks department, Bill Mountain can make your floors soar to mountain heights.

Are your tile floors in need of a touch up? Trusting your floors to a professional tile and grout floor cleaning and sealing service with Bill Mountain’s Thorough Cleaning can have you loving your floors again in no time. Bill knows floors top to bottom and inside and out, and he can make sure that your floors not only look beautiful but that they are in good structural shape. The process begins with a visual inspection to make sure no damaged areas exist. Next comes a test on your grout to detect for displaced sealant. Finally, Bill blasts away caked-on dirt and residue by applying an emulsifying solution over the grout to loosen it using a specialized grout brush. His intricate knowledge of how to safely and effectively clean and repair your floor, combined with professional tools, allows Bill to transform and restore your tile back to its original beauty. You will really be impressed with Bill’s final step, which involves rinsing the soil and residue using a truck-mounted steam cleaner. In addition to routine cleaning, Bill’s list of expertise includes a special option for implementing a permanent seal or re-coloring your grout to offer maximum longevity and protection of your floors.

If you have tile floors in your home that you would like to preserve for a lifetime to come, you need to see Bill. Bill Mountain’s Thorough Cleaning is your tile and grout floor cleaning and sealing expert! Keeping your floors beautiful doesn’t have to feel as difficult as climbing as mountain when you have Bill Mountain in your corner.

Bill Mountain’s tile and grout cleaning and resealing service is the preferred method because of several factors.

First, before any work is done a careful inspection of your tile and grout is performed in order to determine the best course of cleaning action to be initiated.

Inspection allows this professional service to thoroughly detail and evaluate the condition and composition of your grout and tile. Many cleaning services only offer a single, universal method of cleaning without regard for the type of materials being revitalized, or the importance the owner places on restoring its original appearance and condition.

Next, the powerful, patented cleaning emulsifier that is applied to your tile and grout is most effective when monitored with the discerning eye of a consummate cleaning professional. Each cleaning job requires a unique blend of cleaning chemicals and applications. Bill Mountain carefully customizes the solutions and truck-mounted vacuuming that is used for each unique home or business surface.

Finally, applying sealant and colorant to fully restore the original look of your favorite tile and grout cannot be accomplished with a one-coat-seals-all approach. Bill Mountain and his crew personally determine which sealants and colorants are the best for each job. In essence, every time this service cleans it is performing a restorative customization to your valued grout and tile surfaces.

Personal attention and quality tradesmanship counts. Bill Mountain provides both, every time with Tile Cleaning Tannersville, Mt. Pocono, Dallas PA.

Does The Idea Of Cleaning  Your Carpet Leave You Fuming?

Hire Us And Feel Like This

Bill Mountain

Bill Mountain

Hello, my name is Bill Mountain. I’m the owner of Bill Mountain’s Thorough Clean, a certified professional carpet, upholstery and oriental rug cleaning business, serving homeowners and businesses in the area since 1996. My wife, Dawn and I enjoy strong ties to the community. As local residents for over twenty years, we are involved in our church, Little League, and raising our five children here.

I take great pride in my work. I am committed to providing the highest quality workmanship in carpet and upholstery care for the discriminating homeowner.

Why Choose Bill Mountain?

  • Twenty years of carpet and upholstery cleaning experience
  • Cleaning method approved for maunfacturers’ warranties
  • All work is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Internationally certified (#38262) in carpet and upholstery cleaning, carpet repairs, color corrections and odor control by the Institute of Inspection, cleaning and Restoration (IIRC)
  • IIRC Master Textile Cleaner standing
  • Member in good standing with the Professional Cleaners Association (PCA)

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