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Area Rug Cleaning

20180928 144739Whether you have a priceless heirloom rug or a rug that you picked up in your travels overseas, or even an area rug that you purchased locally at one of the box stores. Know that we treat all rugs with utmost care and apply our process that won’t damage, but remove as much soiling and foreign contaminants as possible.

All rugs are brought into our facility that is specially set up to efficiently and thoroughly clean rugs. Every rug is inspected, tested for dye stability and tagged so we can identify and return each rug to its owner. We then apply a specialized pre-conditioner that loosens soiling from the natural and synthetic fibers. The soiling is suspended and flushed out with a large volume of clean water leaving the rug free of residue. The rug is placed on our specialized drying tower with high velocity air movers to quickly dry each rug. The fringes are then detailed clean and the rug is placed on tower to dry again. We post inspect the rug to make sure any stains, soiling or odor concerns have been taken care of. The final step is wrapping the rug and setting up a time for delivery. Your Carpet Cleaning Clarks Summit needs are met with the experts at Bill Mountain Thorough Clean.


Local free pick up and delivery is available. If you chose to drop off we offer curbside service.  You don’t even have to get out of your car! We will load and unload it. Just call our office to schedule a time when you can drop by. 570-689-2770 or email us at

100% GUARANTEE: If you’re not happy it’s FREE!

With nearly 20 years of experience washing rugs in our plant we have developed a system of meticulously inspecting your rugs, discussing with you your overall concerns and then determining the best coarse of action of cleaning. There isn’t much we haven’t seen in all of these years however, we are always learning and always improving. Our goal is that our clients are not only happy with our service but thrilled!