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There are many reasons to contact Bill Mountain Thorough Clean. One is We love to use our expertise in solving the challenges you face in your carpeting or other floor coverings and furnishings. That’s why we deliver incredible Carpet Cleaning Clarks Summit services. Even if you just have a question about how to best care for them or what to do if you get a spot or stain on them. You will get a friendly, honest voice on the other end who will gladly respond to your concerns. If we aren’t able to answer your particular concern, we will do our best to point you to someone who can.

Education is important to us. The owner Bill Mountain is the only Master Certified Textile cleaner in the area. It’s an investment in both time and money, but it gives us the capabilities to handle most of the challenges our customers face in regard to their carpet, tile, rugs and upholstery. No Carpet Cleaning Clarks Summit job is too tough for us. There are often many times when cleaners from different parts of the country call us to help them with difficult situations. Education has been so important to Bill that he has become a certified instructor, teaching other cleaners in New Jersey in carpet cleaning, wood floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning, as well as tile & grout cleaning.

We have been serving customers in our area for 27 years. Experience is the greatest of teachers, especially for Carpet Cleaning Clarks Summit. One of the ways we have and continue to perfect our service is to listen to our customers.
Having worked and lived for decades in this same area we have strong ties to the community that reach deep. Having raised and educated five children with the same values that we run our business by such as honesty, earning trust, having integrity in all of your dealings. We know and understand that strong, wholesome values make for strong families and businesses which helped to make a strong community and ultimately a strong nation.

Another reason to contact us is our No Risk Offer of One Room of Carpet Cleaned up to 200 Square feet for FREE! This gives you an opportunity to get to know and try us out with no obligation. No teeny tiny print. All you get is a clean carpet by one of the areas most trusted and referred Carpet Cleaning Clarks Summit technicians.

Most of our clients contact us by calling 570-689-2770 or toll free 1-888-925-3260

You can also email us at

When you call our office you will step into a customer service experience that we hope is second to none. You won’t be greeted by a voice mail or cold machine that takes you through a series of prompts in order to find a real human being! Occasionally, if you do get a voicemail it’s because we are on the phone and will return the call very quickly, usually within 30 minutes. You will be greeted by our friendly customer service representative who is trained to answer most any question you have regarding your cleaning needs. If you have a spot or stain or other difficult situation that you need solved, our CSR will most gladly help you by answering or directing you to the help you need. Just today we received a call from a young lady who tried to get a spot out herself and ended up making it worse and causing a bad odor in her carpet. Bill was asked to contact her and he gave her step by step instructions on removing the stain and dealing with the odor. This customer then asked for Bill to come out himself to take care of the situation to which Bill then put her on our schedule. You can’t see them on the phone, but our CSR’s are taught to smile while they are talking to you. If you are calling to schedule your carpets, tile, upholstery or rugs cleaned then they will be happy to take your information or if you have done business with us before we will look you up in our system where your information is stored to get the job scheduled. As we schedule, we make notes on our system of your concerns in all areas of Carpet Cleaning Clarks Summit needs. It doesn’t matter how big or seemingly insignificant your concerns are. We are happy to address them, so please make us aware as you are talking to us. Also, if you have any questions, or concerns regarding how the job is completed or what your expectations are, please don’t hesitate to ask. No question is too unimportant to us.

So you may be asking yourself, “what do I do now?” I know what it’s like to try and find a reputable company when you hardly know the right questions to ask. It’s like when I’m trying someone to fix my computers, which I know nothing about or getting someone to fix my car. It’s very daunting. Our goal here is to educate our clients and potential clients with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision. So if I may. Let me make some suggestions to better equip you if you are calling around to see which company suits you best. First, ask questions such as are they trained and certified with the IICRC? Second do you offer a “Guarantee”? If so, what kind of guarantee? Is it full money back if you aren’t satisfied? Another good question to ask is if they have any references? You should be able to get a few of them at least. Do they have any reputable companies such as flooring retailers who refer to them on a regular basis? So many companies try to fly by the seat of their pants today that is becomes necessary to ask if they are fully insured. Which also means are the employees covered by workman’s comp. What if they get hurt in your home?

Then it’s a good idea to see what others say about them. Do they have reviews, and if so, you should read them. Maybe they have video testimonials on Carpet Cleaning Clarks Summit. Are they willing to come out and give a free inspection and quote? With no obligation.