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Prepare for Your First Service

Thank you for trusting us with your fine furnishings and for Carpet Cleaning Clarks Summit services. When we’re finished, your home will be sparkling, fresh and beautiful — guaranteed!

For your convenience, we managed to gather some information for you. Many people want to know what to expect when they first seek our services. If it’s your first experience, or many experiences with Bill Mountain Thorough Clean, the goal is to give you all of the information you need so you maximize the carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning experience. Of course you are welcome to talk to our techs and discuss your needs. But in the meantime, we collected some information you might find helpful. Here are some suggestions to help both of us: 


  1. Please advise your Carpet Cleaning Clarks Summit Cleaning Specialist upon arrival about any special requirements on moving your furniture, weak legs, loose tops, etc. Or contact our office before hand at 570-689-2770 Or text us at 570-351-8272


  1. Please thoroughly vacuum your carpets (especially your high-traffic areas) before we arrive. 


  1. Please pin up any full length draperies so that they will be at least 6 inches from the carpet before your Carpet Cleaning Clarks Summit experience. 


  1. Also, please pin up any skirts on upholstered furniture which may be touching the carpet.


  1. Remove all breakable items from furniture which will have to be temporarily moved to clean your carpet. (We call this “clearing the decks for action”!) 


  1. Any small pieces of furniture such as dining room chairs, magazine racks, etc. that you can remove from the carpet before we arrive will let you enjoy your sparkling clean carpet sooner after your visit with our expert Carpet Cleaning Clarks Summit technicians.


  1. Heavy furniture (china hutches, entertainment centers, etc.) can’t be moved unless completely emptied of all breakables before we arrive.  However, the carpet underneath these items can be hand cleaned where there is sufficient space or we can edge right up to the base. 


  1. Please call to your Cleaning Specialist’s attention any spots or stains which may require special techniques and identify the staining agent if possible. We have specialized spot removal agents.


  1. For your pet’s peace of mind (and ours!) please put them in a safe place where our cleaning won’t disturb them. 


  1. If possible, please have an outside water faucet available for us to turn on.


  1. A special note about odors: We do everything possible to reduce or eliminate pet odors. However, due to depth of contamination, 100% success may not be attainable. Also, for a few days after cleaning you may notice an elevated odor due to higher humidity levels. We do offer advanced optional levels of odor removal! Please ask your Specialist for more information. 


NOTE: You can find additional information by calling us, or visiting with one of our technicians. 


Bill Mountain Thorough Clean Team!  



Special After-Care Information:

 1) Please leave your plastic “tabs” and blocks under your furniture for 24 hours after cleaning for Carpet Cleaning Clarks Summit . If it is physically difficult for you to remove the tabs, please call us and we’ll help. 

2) For your children’s and pet’s safety please do not let them crawl or lay on the carpets until they are completely dry. 

3) Some deep-set oily and protein stains will be removed during cleaning, but over a period of time they may “resurface” from your carpet backing and pad. If this happens, just give us a call. We have a special reduced spotting rate for these pesky “re-occurring stains”.

 NOTE: If you have ANY concerns or questions please call 570-689-2770 or text us at 570-351-8272


We offer you three levels of service giving you options as to what service fits your budget and needs best for Carpet Cleaning Clarks Summit .  The technician will measure your areas, and go over each one of these service options.  We don’t believe in high pressure sales so our technicians are simply there to help guide you and explain the options.  


Carpet protector has been around for over 25 years.  It has been applied on carpeting at the carpet mills for decades.  It repels dry soil, oil based spills such as salad dressing and water based spills such as soda and coffee.  As the spill occurs it gives you time to grab some paper towels and blot up.  If it is missed and dries on the fabric then it makes it easier to clean off and not become a permanent stain.  When we apply carpet protector for our clients we offer an effective spotter that works in removing nearly 90 percent of all spots, spills, and stains.  If you cannot remove the stain with our spotter than we will return to take it out at no additional charge.  The only exclusions would be pet urine.  


Deodorizing.  One question we are often asked is if we deodorize when we clean.  Please understand that carpet cleaning and deodorizing are not always the same thing.  However, depending on the type of odor you are concerned with will determine whether it’s necessary to add a deodorizer.  Pet urine is often something we have to address additionally to cleaning.  It is important to first clean much of the organic material from pet urine, but many times it requires different and more applications of specific agents to aid in removing it.  Depending on the severity will determine what product is needed and to what extent it has to be applied.  For instance if it’s down deep in the padding then we consider it a severe case and would need to apply enough solution to penetrate the carpet backing, padding and sometimes floor underlayment.  

However, sometimes if it is just a “funky” odor then often cleaning alone, which is removing the contaminants that cause the odor, is sufficient.  Many clients often remark on how well it smells after we clean.  This is a result of removing contaminants, fast drying, as well as using safe, natural products that don’t smell like a medicine cabinet!